About us

Creating a positive and high
performing sporting culture.

Set up with the aim of improving the sporting landscape and the life easier for sports venues and players.

Our mission — to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world — drives us to encourage every person to reach their full potential, whether it’s on the track, field or court, at work or at home. We strive to help people be active and engaged, fully participating in the world around them. What’s good for our consumers is also good for our employees and our communities. We believe that investing in our employees and communities is essential to achieving our ambitious growth and innovation agenda.


We believe breakthrough innovations happen when teams are inclusive and diverse. To serve every athlete individually and completely, across hundreds of countries where we do business, we need teams that reflect the diversity of our consumers and a culture of inclusivity that respects the communities in which we live and work. We know the best ideas often come from unexpected places and our individual differences bring new perspectives to the table – so we are committed to fostering a workplace that is increasingly diverse and inclusive.