booking terms

The captain/parent or person making the booking agrees that the information provided while booking are valid and true. Any incorrect information provided will result in forfeiture of the team/player.
User can only book the slots falling within a week’s time counted from the day of booking.
In case the booking needs to be cancelled, the same need to be informed at aether sports office at the earliest.
A user will be able to book only consecutive slots with a maximum number of six slots. In case the number of slots required is more than three the booking would be considered as an event.
If you are making a booking by doing partial payment, you understand and agree to pay the balance amount at the venue before entering the ground.
Please not all the offers and discount provided by aether sports are in concern with the ground booking only.
Bookings will not be cancelled if it’s being informed on the same day for which the booking is done. However 50% of the total amount of booking will have to be paid by the customer in case of last minute cancellation.
You are expected to enter and leave the ground on time to help us in running as per schedule. Teams arriving at the venue after first 20 minutes of the allotted time slots will not be permitted to enter the ground and no refunds shall be done in this situation.
You are expected to maintain discipline and are not allowed to interfere with other bookings or enter the ground until your time is started. If found guilty of doing so strict action will be taken against and you will be added to aether sports blacklist which might impact on any further bookings made by you.
For booking the ground for any special events such as birthday parties, corporate tournament etc. a separate agreement need to be signed between aether sports and the person or organization conducting the event.